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The company serves the Cultural Heritage sector, providing services for the ticket office, museum shop, training, publishing and merchandising, in a number of sites of great historical and artistic importance.



Gebart S.p.A has chosen LOOOL for the creation of an audio guide in 6 languages because of our experience in digital content creation and our collaboration with Acoustiguide, the world leader in audio guides and audio tours.


Scope Of Work

  • Facilitate visitor flow within the museum
  • Improve the visiting experience and the enjoyment of the works
  • Provide a more engaging and emotional storytelling
  • Facilitate the visit for international visitors by providing relevant references to Italian history and culture


We developed a very clear and agile tour to facilitate the experience, as the museum in question houses a vast number of works in diverse rooms. The narrative is streamlined, in order to quickly frame the context, counterpointed by a more intimate exploration of the works of art. To further punctuate the rhythm of the narrative and maintain a high level of interest, given the distracting presence of many visitors and the number of works present, we chose an alternating male and female narration, thus giving the story greater dynamism and involvement. Furthermore, we kept stops “short but sweet”, no longer than two minutes in length, a time that allows to optimize both the experience and the visitor flow.



  • On-site visit of the museum space to define the stop list and design the visitor journey
  • Development of the narrative style
  • Creation of the script in Italian by an art historian
  • Transcreation of the content in 6 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Ukrainian
  • Selection, coaching and recording of the narrating voices, and audio post-production

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