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Pinacoteca Agnelli

Designed in 2002 by Renzo Piano, it preserves the 25 extraordinary masterpieces collected by Giovanni Agnelli and Marella Caracciolo and donated to the Pinacoteca.



Pinacoteca Agnelli entrusted LOOOL with the creation of the new content for the new Casa 500 museum audioguide because of our lean organization and expertise in creating consumer digital tools.


Scope Of Work

  • Grow visitor attraction and traffic
  • Build a stronger relationship with visitors with engaging content
  • Create a connection with younger generations
  • Monitor visitor satisfaction to fine-tune offer


Because the exhibition is rich in visual content, we designed a "moving experience" across stops, each layered with content that strikes an emotional chord with many generations of users who across the years found autonomy and self-expression through automobility.

Visitors drive shotgun with Fiat 500 acting as digital companion in a voyage of (self) discovery across sixty years of history, design, art and culture.



  • Survey of the exhibition space to identify the stop list and design the user journey
  • Interview with the curator to identify relevant content to enhance the visiting experience
  • Multi-language script writing, voice recording and sound design
  • Image selection for the guide

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