The company provides connectivity, VoIP, cloud and IT services acting as digital advisor to businesses wanting to increase their efficiency and achieve their full potential through digital transformation.



The Client wanted to reposition on the market with a new name, brand identity, target and headquarters.

We were chosen owing to the fact that we possess an extensive knowledge in creating corporate identities and digital communication assets.


Scope Of Work

  • Design the new brand identity and logo
  • Develop the new website and communication assets


Our first step was to analyze the market and competition to best position the brand in reference to its target and business objectives.

We designed the new logo and visual identity for all communication assets including stationery and wayfinding.

The dynamic website was developed using Strapi (Node.js) for the backend and Next.js (React) for the frontend.



  • Brand identity design and development
  • Content creation
  • Stationery and wayfinding graphic design
  • Customized UI/UX responsive website layout and prototype design
  • Customized website development using advanced technologies –, Next.js, React.js – for optimized performances

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