A startup Italian company voted to designing and delivering state-of-the-art cycling training experiences through advanced technology and engineering, coupled with a passion for sports.



The Client relied on LOOOL to create its new brand identity and communication assets.

The customized website offers users the possibility to personalize and buy the products online.


Scope Of Work

  • Design the company brand identity
  • Develop a strategic storytelling for brand positioning
  • Create sales assets
  • Develop a customized dynamic website that enables customers to configure and buy made-to-measure products online


We analyzed the market and competition to best position the company in terms of target and visual identity.

We chose Wordpress and Woocommerce to build the website, to give the client an Open Source and scalable solution for future expansion.



  • Brand identity design and development
  • Multilanguage content creation
  • Brochure graphic design
  • Customized UI/UX responsive website layout and prototype design
  • Customized website development using Wordpress
  • Design of online shop using a Woocommerce plug-in to configure products

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